Friday, July 20, 2012

Yay! Our lives aren't ruined anymore!

 Lee-Yay! Our lives aren't ruined anymore!
Anna-yes, it's so beautiful!
Lee-we have to wait many days... maybe seven or fifty or seventy?  How many days, mom?
Me-Probably after our campout we can walk on it.
Anna-'Cuz there was a crack on it.  That was bad, huh.  NOW, we have a new sidewalk!  But, we don't want our new sidewalk to get ruined and fixded again.
Lee-Or, wait a couple days and then we can walk on it.
Anna-I'm so excited to walk on it!
Lee-As soon as it's dry I'm going to ride my bike and ride and ride and ride!  Every day!
Anna-Every day when we grow up.

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Granny D Fifield said...

What happened to the sidewalk?