Monday, August 27, 2012

F-family Reunion

We just got back from a week long reunion in Park City, Utah area.  So fun!  My mom did a really great post about it, so I'll mostly direct you over to her blog, but here's a few of the pictures from my camera that she didn't necessarily highlight, or things that I want to brag about a little more:

Since there were eight kids under the age of six at this reunion, and we live the closest to the reunion location of any of my siblings (except the one with the teensy baby), I took on the duty of kid entertainment.  I brought some dvd's and some toys and some projects for the kids to do.  When I found a package of 6 decorate-your-own drift cars on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby, I just had to go for it, and boy I'm glad I did!  The kids had a blast painting their cars and plastering them with stickers, but it was even better to play with them the rest of the week.  Each child had their own except for the two youngest babies, and they were just the right size for kid hands.  Some cars were fast and others did tricks, and I don't think my nephew Bryan (in the striped shirt above) put his down for more than an hour all week.
Are you ready for a challenge?  I challenged my brother and brother-in-law--the engineers of the family--to do this kid's 100 piece Spider-man puzzle completely upside-down.  So, they did!  We got it done in 45 minutes with 4 people's help (Matthew, Eric, my dad, and myself).  We made it a method of testing each piece on itself instead of trying to look to see where they went.  Yes, we are nuts.

Rib faces!!  Of course, the highlights of the day were usually mealtimes, when we ate some amazing food and chatted and hung out together.  Our menu:
Saturday night: Pad Thai
Sunday: Eggs benedict for breakfast, then roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner, and raspberry angel food cake for dessert
Monday: Gluten-Free Crepes with raspberries, peaches, whipped cream, and vanilla curd for breakfast, Dinner of Chicken Taco Rice with homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers; ice cream sundaes for dessert
Tuesday (my day to cook): Breakfast casserole with hashbrowns and ham; dinner of Ribs, corn on the cob, and sweet potato fries and my "award-winning" Peanut Butter Cream pie for dessert... and popcorn.
Wednesday: Simple breakfast, huge lunch out, and a bellyache for dinner. ;)
Thursday: Breakfast burritos, lunch out at Mickey D's (for our family), Dinner of lasagna and garlic toast
Friday: Ebleskivers for breakfast, BLT's for lunch, and clean-out-the-fridge for dinner. 

On Thursday we went to the Olympic Park and watched some ski jumpers in training... can you find the jumper in the air?
 Feel the Rhythm, feel the rhyme...

We had to test out a little of our own ski jumping skills of course. We couldn't quite convince my dad to do the ski jumping lessons they were offering. bummer.

There was so much more I didn't take pictures of on my phone, but maybe I'll save that for another post.  It was a lot of fun!

Friday, August 17, 2012


 Last night was a super fun Ward/Block party, and I brought these two gorgeous pies as my entries into the pie bake off.  While Annalisa fed the goats, Lee jumped on the trampoline for two hours solid, and Katie entertained everyone, I helped with the competition.  I promise I didn't sway too many votes. :D  This was our second bakeoff block party, the first being back in May with a cookie competition (which I lost, much to my dismay).  But last night's categories were Cream Pies, Fruit Pies, and "Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink."  And I must admit, from being just a block party, there was fierce competition!  Just take a look at the taster's table:
All the foil was because our biggest competition was flies. :P  Buuut... the votes came in, and I won the cream pies category with my Peanut Butter Cream pie topped with dark chocolate ganache and peanut butter cups.  It was so yummy!  It even beat the pants of the bozo who brought a restaurant pie.  ;)  A funny twist to this story was that as of yesterday morning, I'd consigned to not entering the contest because I'm just so busy.  During my walk with my friend, she said the same thing--we both wanted to make pies but just didn't feel like we could forfeit the time.  But by our second lap around the park, we mutually decided to shirk our cleaning and yardwork and do something that WE wanted to do that day: make pies.  I took the cream pie category and she won the Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink category.

Cody also unwittingly entered a pie eating contest, which he is proud to say he lost miserably, but really won because he didn't have a stomachache all night.  The rest of the food was bring-your-own-meat and potluck side dishes, and everything was delicious and lots of fun.  We love living here where people do fun things like this!  I'm certain it was a lot of work for the hosts, but there was a big committee of helpers that made it go smoothly.  I'm already looking forward to the next block party.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 weeks

Wow, it's been two weeks since I last posted.  I think that's got to be the longest break I've ever taken from blogging.  But I suppose I don't really care; nobody mentioned a thing while I was away!  Maybe my readership isn't quite as broad as I once imagined. ;)  Anyway, I also wish I could say it was a really busy two weeks or that I was gone, but the truth is I've just been lazy the last few weeks. 

But I do have some catching up to do for my journal purposes.  So here goes.

 Our gable vents were getting pretty infested with wasps, so Cody went on a killing spree.  In a weekend, we went through an entire bottle of wasp spray, and then the next morning he removed the vent covers and took down the nests.  Amazingly, he didn't get stung.  Not even once!  After killing the nests and taking down the dead ones, we loaded up each vent with bug barrier, but they're still trying to build new nests up there.  Sheesh, don't these little buggers ever give up?  I want to organize a neighborhood wasp killing day and encourage everyone around us to spray all on the same day.  Maybe if we reduce their population enough, they'll have a hard time building it back up?  Wishful thinking, I suppose.
Mister Lee lost a front tooth!  See his red puffy eyes?  He was pretty worried it was really going to hurt, but it wasn't too bad.  The worst part was getting him to hold still so we could help him get the tooth out.  Now he's proudly showing off both the hole in his mouth and his crisp new dollar bill from the tooth fairy. 
Zooming back a few weeks, Cody and I got the date of a decade and went to go see Wicked!  I don't think I ever put up pictures.  We went to a nice restaurant and then to the musical and enjoyed a whole blissful night kid-free, thanks to my wonderful mom and dad.

None of the other pictures are working today.  I just got a big error from blogger saying that certain photos aren't working, so that's all you get for now with pictures.  We also had a campout at the family ranch with Cody's family reunion, and the kids even got to help daddy hand fish for trout (they got a nice 15 inch-er which was enjoyed for breakfast).  Work continues in our yard and house as we continue to get settled and set up.  We bought two four-year-old Northern Red Oak trees for our back yard and planted them in line with our windows--yay!  No more naked neighbors to see!  :)  They are beautiful.  My little tiny patch of basil--the only edible thing I've grown this year--got huge and was doing so well that I cut it back and made 10 batches of basil pesto, which I'm already looking forward to in the winter with some pasta and roasted chicken... mmm.  We watched the Olympics, and I made dinners to match.  We ended up eating British, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish (from Spain, not Mexico), French, Thai, Indian, and of course good ol' American (Burgers on the day that Michael Phelps broke the all-time record for most decorated Olympian).  Then, we got a new game for the Wii (Lego Harry Potter), and have been enjoying the air conditioning as it's been very hot outside.  I have found a walking buddy, but sometimes I wonder if it is worth it when the kids are naughty while I'm gone (even though Daddy is home).  I enjoy my morning walks, I really do... but I constantly feel guilty for taking any time to myself.  Cody has been getting up extra extra early so he can go for a jog before work.  On Sunday at church he announced "We're running before work at about 5:30 every morning.  Just meet here and we'll run for about 20 minutes."  Then someone asked, "Who's 'we'?"  and Cody mumbled, "Well, me."  Everyone laughed.  But he really likes his little workouts and how much energy they give him for the day. 

I wish I could promise that I won't take another break from blogging now, but we are coming into a very big vacation week.  I'll try my best, though.  I'd LOVE to see some of you blog too, you know.  Have a great day!