Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anna is 4!

Can you believe it? Annalisa is 4 years old today!  She has been so sweet today and was SO excited for her birthday.

Last night Lee insisted on staying up after Anna went to bed and decorating the house.  Since Cody and I had done that for him, he was very eager to do it for his sister.  He found some curly yellow ribbon and hung it from the wall with a piece of tape and called it "Rapunzel Hair," and draped some purple ribbon around the walls too.  But he especially made this big sign all by himself.  The flash washed it out, but it reads "Happy birthday Anna!"  Well, to be precise, it reads, "HAPPY BIRThbAY aNMA" but to me, it is awesome.  We're proud of Lee learning how to write and being so excited to celebrate his sister's birthday.  Neither of the other kids had any issues with sharing or jealousy or understanding that today was Anna's special day. 

 When given the choice of anything for breakfast, Anna picked Rice Krispies.  Over waffles? Ebleskivers?  French toast, biscuits and gravy, even cinnamon toast?  Nope, she was insistent, Rice Krispies.  So that's what we had.  When I started peeling a boiled egg she asked for piece, and shared a few bites of Katie's banana, but that's it.  I was surprised.  But she enjoyed her Rice Krispies!

She enjoyed some awesome gifts, like a beautiful porcelain doll, a new bike, and a Cinderella Barbie.  After a fun day playing and a dinner of pizza, we had cupcakes in the backyard and invited over a few neighbors with kids Anna's age.  Some of them very generously brought gifts, and then Cody helped them all fly the kite while the adults chatted and got bitten by mosquitos. ;)  It was a great evening.
Happy birthday, Anna girl!  You are so much fun and have been so sweet and kind to everyone today. I'm proud of you.  Love, Mommy

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Sara said...

Love the sign! Happy Birthday Anna! Hope your day was awesome. :)