Sunday, September 2, 2012

Katie V, 18 months

Oh happy day!  Nursery!!! and better yet, it was wildly successful.  (In case you stumbled across this blog or don't know what I'm talking about, our church had a children's class for babies aged 18 months and older.  It's quite the rite of passage, mostly for us parents who get to go baby-free to Sunday School.) 

Katie enjoyed her first day of nursery today and so did Cody and I.  I asked her teachers how it went, and they seemed nonplussed, asking why I would think she would have a problem.  I'm not sure they even realized it was her first time.  Apparently the only problem they had was when Katie locked herself in the toy cupboard, silly girl.  But I don't think even that phased her very much.  She's been dying to go to nursery for the past three months, and she thinks it's high time she got to run around and play and eat snacks all through church.  :)

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