Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Dishes!

Since moving, we've noticed our plates and bowls diminishing rapidly.  I'm not sure if we misplaced (or haven't unpacked *gasp*) a box, or if they've just been breaking one by one as dishes tend to do, but at any rate, the past two months we've been down to nine plates.  For a family of five, that doesn't own any serving bowls, that barely makes it through one meal, and certainly not two.  Being forced to run the dishwasher half full between meals or hand wash plates was getting old, fast.  Cody and I started pricing out dishes and trying to decide what to do... do we just try to find some at the thrift store, and not care about what they look like, waiting until some future date to invest in quality dishes?  Do we attempt to make that investment now?  How much will it cost and can we afford it?  The styes I was falling in love with were $6+ a plate, or $50+ for service for 4.  Considering I wanted a full set, enough for us plus company, it was just beyond our price range.  Finally, after looking everywhere and weighing all our options and reading countless consumer reviews, I finally found some coupon codes and sales on the Corelle website and we whittled down the price to roughly $3 a plate, and we could buy them individually instead of in sets, so we don't have to get a cupboard full of white teacups.  At last, they arrived yesterday!

 18 large rounded-square plates, 10 medium plates, and 12 bowls.  Yipee!  So pretty, so simple, so us.  Chip and break resistant.  Easy to clean.  Lightweight.  I am in love.

Of course, the only person more excited about the arrival of a large box of fragile plates than me, is Annalisa... not for the dishes, but for...


Nikki said...

How exciting! I like the simple elegant look of them.

My dishes have sadly been discontinued.

What I really need is glasses. I have two, I think. There might be a third somewhere. So, my company (which is usually just missionaries) gets Tupperware cups.

And by the way, I can't believe how big your girl is getting! My kids also love to dance on bubble wrap. :)

Laurie Fifield said...

They are lovely. Isn't it fun to have a real house with real dishes? Wow.

Carlie said...

very pretty dishes! I like the simple beauty of them.

p.s. you were nominated for an award on my blog
check it out!