Monday, October 8, 2012


Autumn is easily my favorite season.  Cool days, cold nights, stunning colors, holidays and hot soup, sweaters, scarves, decorations... yep, my favorite.  It's the season in which Cody and I fell in love.  Last year, Autumn meant cold nights roofing houses and the impending snows, which was really scary to me.  It feels great to look forward to the cold weather, all snug in our warm house.

Speaking of our warm house, it really is snuggly warm!  We turned off our AC right at the end of August, because it was already starting to cool off and we could go back to just opening windows at night and monitoring the blinds.  (but I wasn't back to being completely crazy, thank goodness.)  Here we are now, at the beginning of October, and we haven't turned on the heat yet.  We're getting ready to, mind you, but even though it's been diving into the 20's at night for the past few days, and barely getting to the mid 50's during the day, we haven't needed it yet.  Now it's opposite of what it used to be: I open the blinds all day long, letting the sun pour in.  I enjoy baking nearly every day, and letting the heat from the oven warm the kitchen.  Windows of course stay closed all day long, and if we are lucky, it's typically up to 75 in the house by the end of the day.  It drops around 10 degrees at night, and when we wake up it's perfectly liveable, especially if you're like my kids and drag your blankets to the couch first thing in the morning for a family snuggle.  :)  I'm so grateful to have a well insulated, beautiful home this year.  I'm also grateful to have gone a solid month an a half, nearing 2 months, without having to use any heat or AC in the house.  It's made the bills absolutely awesome.

This morning our sprinklers came on at 7:30 AM.  Mind you, we've had them turned way down for the last few weeks, but it appears it's time to turn them off.  Here's what they did to our oak trees in the back yard.  I thought it was rather pretty.

It's also time to rearrange my morning walks.  I can't go at 7:45 any more, unless we find an indoor location.  Oh, and Lee is finally starting to enjoy Halloween decorations!  He's been such a scaredy cat his whole life, but he's beginning to outgrow it.  Of course, Annalisa is still a little freaked out, but by odd things (like my mom's inflatable witch...?).  They got the word "Spooky" mixed up and so we've been calling everything "Scoopy Scoopy!"  My kids are adorable.

And... I think that's all for now!  Happy Fall!

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Laurie Fifield said...

I am so delighted to watch you in your new house. And I can't wait to see those Christmas lights that you bought last year on clearance when you still lived with me - and then measured your unfinished house and bought more. It makes me smile.