Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Snow

Monday was a windy, stormy day.  About every hour, a massive downpour of rain would blast by and wind gusts were over 50 mph.  The storm raged all day long and was still rattling the windows when we went to bed.  Cody got this amazing photo of a brief rainbow that poked its head out between downpours around dinner time.

But, when we woke up in the morning, guess what we found?  Almost an inch of heavy, wet snow!  The kids caught a glimpse of the snow and immediately went in search of their snowboots.  Lee barely had boots and some gloves on when he went out to play.  I had to take a photo, it was just too funny... pajamas, boots, dad's mittens, mom's scarf (dragging on the ground, mind you), an old hat, and snow.  He was in heaven.

Hot chocolate was served at breakfast. :)

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Laurie Fifield said...

Too bad we lose that love and excitement for snow as we get older. I love it!