Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scoopy Cellar... no more!

Sorry for the silly title.  The kids have mixed up the placement of the "K" and "P" in the word "Spooky" this Halloween, and calling something "Very very scoopy!" just makes them laugh instead of being frightened, so we've let it stick... for now.  And not long ago, our cellar/cold storage room was quite a scoopy place: cobwebby, hard to navigate... but no more!  And why, you might ask?

Because I have the most incredible, awesome, genius of an amazing husband ever.

He's spent a goodly portion of his free time this last week building shelves for the cold storage room.  Cody did an amazing job!  On one wall, the one with the door on it, he built can rollers, which are angled just right and have a little stop on the end so we can put a line of cans on them and they'll roll down to where they're easily accessible.

 On the other wall, there's five jar-height shelves that will be perfect for holding all our home bottled goods, as well as extra boxes and bags of food.  The first shelf is high enough to put a 5 gallon bucket under, and the top has enough head room to fit my stock pots and pans. 

Then, the very ends are open more so that we can put large bags of things that are in use, or we can just set something there for a night or two--which is way cool considering that during the winter time, with proper monitoring, we might be able to keep this room around fridge temperature... it won't be accurate enough to store truly perishables in there, but if we need a place to hold Christmas goodies away from prying kid eyes, we've got it.

After he got the last pieces of the shelves assembled, Cody vacuumed it well and then we had to put up a few things just to see how it worked.  We were pretty excited.

I'm so excited to finish filling up these shelves! 


Laurie Fifield said...

I need to bring my label machine over and help you label those rolling shelves. Now comes my favorite part - filling and organizing shelves and getting all those boxes out of your other room!

Cody said...

For sure!

Granny D Fifield said...

That incredible. I'm so jealous!