Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The $25 garage makeover

Time for a fun, 24-hour, $25 project!
Empty garage, ready for its makeover

Step 1: Clean out the garage.  Since there's no threat of rain on the forecast, everything went to the side yard on some tarps.  There wasn't that much, and we threw a lot of junk away. 

Step 2: Using lumber we stashed away during the build of the house (scraps of ply wood and some pieces of 2x4s), Cody built some shelves and mounted them through the ceiling to the roof trusses and into the studs of the garage.  All we had to buy for this was some nails and screws, which amounted to $10 for a big box of them... we probably used about $2 worth.

Step 3: Apply a second layer of mud over the screw holes and joints, and caulk up the window and any raw edges.  Let dry the rest of the night.  We used leftover mud and caulk, so no money there. 

Step 4: Paint the garage.  We used--you guessed it--leftover paint from our build.  We mixed leftover paint, primer, and even a couple cups of water.  Cody's dad helped and brought some of his leftover paint, including one in a gray color, so we just mixed them all in a big bucket, strained it through an old nylon, mixed it well, and ended up with about 5 gallons.  Then, we painted away!  It took us about 4 hours to paint the whole thing, once we got started.  Probably would have been faster if we'd had more than one roller, but no biggie.  We just did 1 coat, but really, that's all a garage needs.  The doors and trim had already been painted. 

Step 5: clean the garage floor with the hose, put the face plates back on, put the blinds back up, clean the painting supplies, and put stuff away.

Step 6: figure out what to do with the remaining $15 in our little budget?  Hooks to hang bikes on?  A work bench found at a garage sale?  Pocket it for the next project?  The options are endless! :)

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Laurie Fifield said...

What a great project! I love the hanging shelf, and so will you. We paid big bucks for ours.