Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful 13

Today I'm grateful for the funny things that happen all the time around our house.

For example, the other day at our house, Annalisa just discovered some Christmas gifts that were sent up by Cody's parents quite a while ago... they are on the ball!  But anyway, she found them and decided she needed to put them somewhere safe (although they had been in a perfectly safe location... her definition of "safe" is somewhere she can sneakily open them without anyone noticing...)  So after she hid them in my bathroom on the floor, she came to Cody and I the following discourse ensued:
Anna: "I need to open my Christmas presents!  It's Christmas!"
Cody: "No, it's not Christmas."
Anna: "Well, it snowed!"
Me: "It's not snowing right now, take a look."  Anna takes a gloomy peek outside at the glorious sunshine.  "Besides, Anna, it snows a lot of times when it's not Christmas.  It snows during the Wintertime, not just Christmas."
Anna: "Well, well, it's Thanksgiving!"
Cody: "It's close to Thanksgiving, and then it will be a few more weeks until Christmas.  No opening gifts until Christmas, okay Anna?"
Anna, ponders briefly: "I'm going to go check on my presents and see if they ripped themselves open!"

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