Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful 15

Today, I am--beyond words--grateful for good friends.  Since moving to our new house, we have made so many new and wonderful friends, it is fantastic.  Story time.  About two years ago, on an after Christmas clearance sale, I bought a bunch of fabric that I intended to sew Christmas stockings out of.  I thought I'd buy the fabric in December, then just hold on to it and sew stockings in the summer when I had "plenty of time."  Yeah.  Right.  So the fabric sat nicely stashed away in my basement through building our house, and got packed up and moved here, but since we packed the basement in such haste, I wasn't sure where it had been put.  A few weeks ago, Cody went gung-ho in the basement, cleaning and organizing and unpacking.  He did a great job, and we are now officially unpacked!  (For which I'm very grateful, but that's not the subject of this post... this is about friends...)  During the unpacking we found the fabric and all my crafting/sewing stuff, so I thought it was high time to finish the Christmas stockings.

Of course my vision in my head wasn't simple.  I wanted to piece my fabrics together like a patchwork quilt, line it with white felt, and somehow, I wasn't sure how, put our names on the front.  I really lack confidence in these kinds of things, and that's where friends came in.  I showed my fabric to one friend of mine who is a fabulous seamstress, and she thought it would be darling.  She offered her help, which I gladly took.  She loaned me her rotary cutter and let me go to her house where she gave me tips and advice on how to lay out the pieces.  After that, I still had the issue of getting the names on the stockings.  I went to our neighborhood Facebook page and pleaded for help.  Within 12 hours, I was able to go to another friend's house with the lining of the stockings and she gave me more suggestions and more confidence, and when her machine didn't work, she called yet another friend in the ward who has one of those awesome fancy embroidery machines.  Within another two hours, and more generosity and kindness, I was done with the embroidery and it looks gorgeous.  I was able to come home and finish the patchwork with Cody's help, and last night I put together the stockings.  I think they are adorable.  Wanna peek?

I'm grateful for the help others give me, and that I have so many fantastic people I can call friends.  I don't possess even close to all the talents in the world (closer to one percent of the talents in the world), and so I'm so grateful that kind people are willing to band together in friendship and help fill in my missing pieces.  I hope I can fill in their missing pieces as well and return the favor someday. 

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