Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful 16

Today I'm grateful for the garbage man.  I was going to take a picture, but not only did I decide that would be disgusting, I missed my opportunity because I was using the restroom when the garbage was emptied.

We happen to live next door to our garbage man, and we built houses with him.  If we forget to take out our can, he sends us a text before he goes to work.  Today it was particularly full because of all the cleaning Cody's been doing in the basement (for which I'm extremely grateful!) and I was thrilled to see it all go. 

I'm grateful for all the amazing maintenance and City workers who keep our town looking beautiful and make it a safe place to live.  I'm grateful for the police and firemen, teachers, and councilmen who not only do their job, they do their jobs well.  I'm grateful for the marvelous place I am privileged to call home.

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