Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful 3

When Katie saw me get out the camera, she came zooming over saying "Eees!  EEEs!"  (Cheese)  It was adorable.  So while I had intended on just capturing the sunlight streaming in through the windows, I got a bonus of Katie standing in said sunlight. 

Today I'm grateful for the beautiful weather we've been enjoying.  I love having my bed parked right under my window and during the afternoon I'll camp out there with a book, basking in the warm sunlight like a cat.  Because we've got a goodly amount of windows along the south side of the house, we really get a lot of warm daytime sun.  It makes the house feel so nice and comfortable, and keeps the heating cost down.  In fact, between the sunlight, how often I cook, and the excellent insulating job, we've hardly had to use our heater at all!  But today's gratitude is not about the house... it's about the sunshine and how happy it makes me.  The kids are still riding their bikes outside, we've been able to plant bulbs and hang outdoor decorations and bed down the yard for winter without much trouble.  So, I'm grateful for the sun today!

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