Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful 5

I'm grateful for sparkly, twinkly, pretty Christmas lights.  And since my dad's on a cruise, he won't even be around to give me slack for putting them up at the beginning of November.

I'm grateful that they are fun, that they decorate our beautiful home, and that we have a home to put them up on.  I'm grateful for a storage room so well built with shelves and totes to keep Christmas lights in when not in use.  I'm grateful for after-Christmas-clearance sales from last year, where I scored big time on all these lovely LED icicle lights.  I'm grateful for the plug installed in the eaves of the house, operated by a switch behind the front door so I don't have to go outside to plug them in.  I'm grateful (again) for my awesome husband who put these up and involved the kids in the process.  I'm grateful for good neighbors who let us borrow their ladder at a moment's notice.  I'm grateful for the sunshine and the warm enough weather that Cody could wear shorts and a T-shirt while hanging these lights.  I'm grateful for the upcoming holiday season and the excitement and joy it brings!

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