Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful 7

Yesterday I voted.  Last night we watched the results come in.  Today I'm grateful that I live in a country that is peaceful, allows us to elect our officials, an for all the people who have paved the road that I'm privileged to walk.  I'm grateful for the founding fathers who wrote the constitution.  I'm grateful for the revolutionaries who fought to obtain our country's independence.  I'm grateful for those who paid taxes to purchase the lands I enjoy, and develop them and build the city I live in.  I'm grateful for the women and men who campaigned tirelessly for my right to vote.  I'm grateful for the candidates who put so much on the line to stand up for their own right to vote, and that this election provided me with a whole ballot full of worthy people who want good things for our country.  I'm grateful for checks and balances the help weed out corruption, and I'm grateful for the kind poll workers who helped me change my address because I was a bozo and forgot to do it when we first moved here.  I'm grateful for this wonderful land, and that the democratic process was so beautifully demonstrated yesterday. 

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