Thursday, November 1, 2012

This year's obligatory Halloween Post

This has got to be one of the best Halloweens we've ever had.  Being here in our own house in a neighborhood that is WAY into Halloween and Trick-or-Treating (the real kind, going door to door) has been a lot of fun.  Last year we got a sneak-peak of our neighborhood on Halloween and I've been looking forward to it ever since. 

We carved pumpkins on Monday and a few weeks ago we cut out some cute little bats and ghosts and painted them and used them to decorate the front porch.  Cody and the kids also made a "scoopy scoopy hantened house" (Spooky Haunted House) out of an old build-a-bear box that looks like a little house.  We put our cool mist humidifier in it so it would smoke and bubble.  It was pretty fun.  Have I mentioned that Lee is way into decorating for things recently?  Ever since watching a Curious George episode where they said that you need three things for a party: decorations, friends, and food, he's been on a decorating kick.  (for parties, which usually involves cutting out miniscule pictures he's drawn and trying to tape them to the front door.)

Anyway, I digress.  So we decorated the house a bit and I washed the costumes and Anna wanted to go trick-or-treating at eight in the morning, she was so excited.  Lee had a Halloween party at school, and finally it was time for dinner.  I made soup in breadbowls and we had family come up for dinner and the start of the candy collecting.  After a few houses, I went back to hand out candy so my mom could head home, and then Cody took the kids out while I dished out candy for the kids and homemade doughnuts for the adults.  I made about 6 dozen doughnuts, we ate probably about a dozen, I only gave them to adults, and we ended with 4 left.  So that's about how many people we had.  I also purchased 6 bags of individually wrapped Starbursts, and Cody's sister left a lovely bowl full of sucker ghosts, and we augmented all that with a bag full of leftover parade candy (sneaky, I know), finally equating to one of my largest Tupperware bowls full to the brim with candy, and all but a few handfuls was given out.  So, however many that all adds up to--that's how many Trick-or-Treaters stopped by.  My guess is around 150.  It was so busy from about 7-8 that I just sat in a chair on my front porch and handed out candy instead of coming inside.  The weather couldn't be beat, and it was fun to watch the droves of people coming up and down the street.  When I had a spare second, I did run doughnuts over to our neighbors who were handing out candy at their own houses.  I called it reverse trick-or-treating.  :)

The kids came home a little after eight and didn't even touch their candy, they were too tired.  They barely got their teeth brushed and pajamas on (which looked oddly like their undershirts from their costumes...) and they were out like little light bulbs. This morning the neighborhood is quiet.  I can kind of feel the sugar hangover in the air.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I know we sure did!

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Laurie Fifield said...

I have a big smile on my face. I am just so thrilled for you! I can see those tuckered kids, but what great memories. The question is, how did today go?