Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life's pretty good, you know?

Like so many others, our hearts are completely broken over the horrific massacre in Connecticut yesterday.  At times like these, sometimes it's hard to remember the good around us--the beauty and the joy--but, it is still there.  This morning, I went outside in the fresh snow and I haven't been that happy in a very long time.  It's the simple joys like a child's voice, a blanket of new snow, a smile and friendly gesture of a neighbor, or homemade pancakes for breakfast that really are what life is about.  And, at least for us, life is full of those simple joys.  It's pretty great.
A few clips of yesterday's Kindergarten Christmas Program: 

And a little video of Annalisa singing:

Our next door neighbor has a 4 wheeler with a plow and was having a blast doing everyone's sidewalks this morning.  He took Anna for a little ride and she said it was "WAY fun."


Angeli said...

Wish I could have been there. Soooo, would Lee consider joining the Rhythm Band? He was great. Anna, you have an angel voice! So fun times.

Laurie Fifield said...

I'm so glad you put up these videos. It warms my heart with sweet memories of my kids in those programs.