Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve! Let the parties begin!

Back in October, I started a huge excel spreadsheet list.  On this list, akin to Santa's master list, was a list of every gift, given by me, my husband, and each of my children, to everyone they needed to give to.  (Each other, a cousin, an aunt/uncle/friend, etc).  I typed in what each person was giving in black, and once it was purchased I would change the color to red.  On the next sheet of the master list was a long list of every baked good I planned to make and another list of who those baked goods would be going to (30+ boxes).  Next to that was a shopping list of what I needed to buy to make all those baked goods.  Again, all of this was typed in black.  When I had started, but not completed, a baked good, I changed it to blue, and then when finished, red.  And yet another sheet had a menu of every meal we would eat this week and all the parties and schedule we would be keeping, what potluck items I was bringing, what I had to buy, even when I had to get things out of the freezer.  All of this was black, and when I completed it or bought the items I needed, I would change it to red.

This morning I was able to change the last few black spots to red.  It is SO satisfying to flip through this list that I've been using almost daily for the last 3 months and see this sea of red (in a good way).  It is all done.  I'm not quite as organized as my mom, but I have enough of her in me to take immense satisfaction and joy from completing all my tasks and knowing I did a great job.  You might think I'm crazy, but that's just the way I'm wired.

It's all done.  Every project plus a few bonus projects, every gift wrapped, every goodie baked and delivered, every purchase made and every event prepared.  Now it is time to just relax and breathe in the Holiday Spirit.  Today is Christmas Eve.  It is snowing outside and it is gorgeous.  We had a fun Christmas tree omelet for breakfast with avocado and little drips of ketchup for ornaments.  The kids are playing outside in the snow with Cody, and life simply could not be more perfect--not even I could plan it that way.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  May you have a beautiful, simple, and Christ-centered holiday.  We love you and send you our best wishes and love.

Love, Lisa, Cody, Lee, Annalisa, and Katie.


Sara said...

Hooray for organization! Although, I am confused by the end of the post... care to elaborate?

Granny D Fifield said...

Do you hire out? :D