Saturday, February 9, 2013

Painting time

Oh my... it's been a long time since I posted, huh!  Well, I've been a bit busy. 

I've been dreaming since before we moved in about how I wanted the house to look.  Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to just try whatever comes to mind, so I've spent a long time on Pinterest and browsing through the clearance sections at nearly every store.  Occasionally I'll find something I love and I'll get that, but for the most part, everything has been purchased here a little there a little, and a lot of things aren't beautiful but they work for now, so I keep them around.  But as my birthday is approaching, I started thinking even more about what kind of decorating I could do on our limited budget.  I realized that what I wanted for my birthday more than anything was paint for the upstairs living area (kitchen, dining room, living room, and master bedroom).  But as Cody and I talked more about it, it seemed counter productive to get paint when we knew we really also wanted board and batten trim/chair rail, crown molding, and casings for the windows. 

So I poked around some more.  Shopped some more.  Started picking up paint samples and putting them on the walls.  I found the colors I wanted.  I decided on the trim.  At last we went to the store and got prices, then came home and did the math.  It's expensive for sure, but not outside the realm of possibility.  We considered just doing the living room and kitchen and not the master bedroom.  But after all this contemplation, Cody grabbed the phone and said, "Let's do it all.  Happy Birthday."  And he ordered the trim for the whole kit and kaboodle!  I am still SO excited and shocked.

The first order of business was to get the supplies organized.  Then we pulled out the furniture, decided how we'll do the board and batten, and taped off the sections we would paint.  We have 3 paint colors we're working with: a dusty slate blue, a sage/olivey green (which I realized after it went on the wall looks like G.I. Joe green...) and tan.  Because we have only 1 roller, we decided to do one color a day so that we had time to wash everything out in between colors.  I didn't have the camera while we did both blue and green, but I tried to take pics of the process with the tan.  First, we take everything down like face plates, pictures, shelves, TV's, etc.  We chose the height of 40" from the floor for our chair rail, so we marked off at 39 1/2" with a couple little pencil marks (seeing as the top of the trim will be level at 40", we weren't too particular with making sure this was perfect.  We just wanted to have the color go under the edge of the trim but not come all the way below it.)  and then ran tape across the barrier between color and white.  The part we were really picky with the tape was around the door trim.  It's imperative that it's straight and right on the corner between the trim and the wall. 

To really ensure that there's a perfect line and the trim stays white, and because we're too cheap to buy the expensive frog tape that prevents paint bleed, we first took our white interior paint and painted along the edge of the trim, to seal the edges.  It took Cody a while to understand what I meant with this step, but it works very, very well.  Then, it was time to roll!

Everything got 2 coats.  I usually rolled and Cody cut in with the brush, but we switched when our arms got tired. 

After everything dried, we made sure to take the tape off within the same day.  It's only good for about a day, and we didn't want to ruin our awesome paint job with peeling, tearing tape!  Now, it's time to get the trim done.  That will be next week's project, and consequently a different post.  I already love the colors we picked.  I can't wait to get it done and show it all off. 

oh... and we listened to really loud music while we painted... and occasionally sang along... And I'm really glad Cody didn't catch my painting-dance to "Play that funky music white boy" on camera...

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Kathy said...

Hurray for pictures! I've been waiting for these ever since I knew you started the project :)