Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Katie is 2!

On Sunday, March 10th I started teaching Katie to say "I'm two!"  The next morning, it paid off because she said it all day long! 

I can't believe how fast our baby girl is growing up.  I know that's pretty cliche to say, but true.  There are so many things she has figured out on her own, and I think a lot of it has to do with having 2 older siblings to watch.  She mimics them, and they help keep her out of trouble.  They also sometimes help her get IN to trouble, but we won't talk about that. ;)  She really does have a knack for picking up on how things are done.  For example, about a month ago, we were gifted a full size mattress which we decided to set up as a guest bed in Lee's bedroom, so when we have guests it will be Lee who sleeps on the couch instead of our visitors.  We then took Lee's bed, which was half of the bunkbed, into the girl's room and set it up.  I thought Katie--not even 2 at that point--would be way too young to sleep in a big kid bed, but Cody was pretty insistent.  We left the crib up and told her that if she got out of her big girl bed, she would have to go in the crib.  It only took her about 3 nights to master sleeping in the big bed.  She just saw that that's how people sleep, and didn't have a qualm with it.  She's also completely ditched her high chair now, and much prefers to sit on the bench by Lee and Anna.  The next big step is potty training, I suppose!

On Katie's birthday she opened some fun gifts and was super cute with them.  We made her a funfetti birthday cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  Months ago I purchased the cake mix on sale and have had it in the pantry, not intentionally for anything, just because I like to buy things like that when they're really cheap.  Several times, Katie noticed that cake mix up there and tried to get me to give it to her as a snack.  This has literally happened multiple times over the course of several months.  So when it was finally the day of her birthday and I was in the process of mixing up her cake, Cody handed her the box and she squealed with delight and started dancing, she was so excited.  She had 2 big pieces of cake and a scoop of ice cream too.  Adorable. :)

Katie is a blessing in our lives.  We love her and having her as part of our family.  Happy birthday, my sweet Katie Bubble!

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