Sunday, April 7, 2013


We had an amazing Easter this  year!  The Easter bunny came in the middle of the night, and since the master bedroom is separated from the kids' bedrooms, we were woken up by three little chocolate mouths who were eager to finish their candy hunt. :)  The kids were so sweet and had fun with the candy, but were even more focused on Jesus Christ and his Resurrection.  We dressed up in our new Easter outfits and went to church.  I was playing for our choir program, so I wasn't there to take pictures as a family, but Cody did take some of the kids.

After our beautiful church services, we went up to my Aunt and Uncle's new home for a big family Easter dinner of ham and potatoes and rolls, salad, glazed carrots, and Sara's delightful cupcakes.  We had another candy hunt there--surprise! 

Anna had a little canker sore in her mouth and wasn't so sure she felt happy, but still managed to collect lots of candy.

We got home, stuffed to the gills and the kids were exhausted.  But we did still manage a game with friends that night.  What a blessed day.  It was so wonderful to think about our Savior and be with friends and family. 

In case you are wondering, it is physically impossible to get a picture of three kids looking a the camera, holding still, and smiling simultaneously.

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