Friday, April 5, 2013

The messed-up part of the last post :)

Sorry about that last post, I wrote it a couple months ago right after we found out I was pregnant and had it set to automatically post... something weird happened and I lost a paragraph.

Anyway.  The story of how I told Cody...

I had each kid write a note to Cody.  Lee's had "I love Daddy, Lee #1" on it.  Anna's read "I love dad, from Annalisa #2."  Katie's note said "I (heart) daddy, love Katie, number 3" and finally, I wrote on my own belly (a trickier feat than I suspected!) "I love dad, from ? #4."  We waited impatiently for Cody to come on break and then gave him all our notes, starting with Lee.  He read each one, and after reading Katie's, he looked at me and I showed him the last note on my belly.  He got a bit teary, hugged me, and kept asking, "Are you serious?  You're really pregnant?  I don't believe it!"  I had to show him the positive test before he believed me.  He was SO excited and the kids were too. 

(NOW.  THAT IS THE LAST TIME I'M RE-WRITING THIS PARAGRAPH!!! I think the problem was I kept writing a heart symbol and blogger thinks I'm trying to insert a link or something.  Goofy.)

And, since I have a new post here... I'll give you a little update.  I'm now about 10 weeks along, and haven't yet had my first appointment, though it should be pretty soon here.  Honestly, I've been pretty miserable.  I haven't thrown up too much, but I feel nausea almost constantly, especially in the mornings.  I was shocked at how rapidly the symptoms set in this time--within a week of finding out.  I hope that in a few weeks when I cross into the 2nd trimester that the nausea will settle down... cross your fingers?  It's still a bit surreal, but we're still excited to be parents again. :)


Laurie Fifield said...

Huh? Weird stuff going on here.

Nikki said...

I have goosebumps!!!! Yeah! I'm so late catching up. But I am thrilled for you. You are such a terrific mom. I know how hard it can be though. I am praying and rooting you on!

John and Anna said...

Congrats you guys! We are happy for you! Good luck with your pregnancy and I'm excited to read all the updates.