Thursday, April 18, 2013

We have worms...

...composting worms, that is!  1000 red wigglers (1 pound) that will munch kitchen scraps at the rate of nearly a pound a day, turning it into delightful compost for our garden in about a tenth of the time it would take if we just stacked it up in a compost pile outside.

If you can't tell, we've been having a blast setting up our garden this Spring.  The raised beds are built and filled with soil, and we're getting itchy to plant (although last night the overnight low was 18 degrees!  Yikes!).  Cody and I have been talking about a compost pile, and somewhere along the line Cody read something about vermicompost (worm compost) and decided that that was going to be the way to go.  And once Cody decides to do something, it usually happens. So, we started reading lots and lots and watching youtube videos on how to build a worm farm and what to put in them.  Then we ordered worms online... probably the goofiest thing I've ever purchased online... and waited impatiently for our new little pets to arrive.  Cody and I teased each other about the worms, but we didn't anticipate how excited the kids would be.  I thought they'd be grossed out, but no way!  Katie goes to the basement (where the worms are housed quite happily) and stands by the worm farm saying "Hi Woh!  Hi Woh!"  Lee has been showing off the worms to any of his friends who stop by.  But the real worm enthusiast in our house is Annalisa.  She's named some of them, and she never forgets to feed them, even when they have plenty of food.  At the grocery store she wants me to buy lettuce and strawberries just so she can feed them to the worms.  It's quite precious, actually.  All in all, they've been a fun investment.  They don't smell bad, they stay in their buckets and don't try to escape, and if we treat them right they should pay for themselves several times over.  Well, I already think they're worth it because they've been fun for the kids.  But the compost is going to be nice as well as the reduced garbage.  Yay for worms! 

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Granny D Fifield said...

I understand each worm has been given a name. Lettuce,
Strawberry and so on. Depending on what they eat. Annalisa could be doing some interesting research.