Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1st Trimester

According to my projected due date of Halloween (Oct 31), I'm 13, nearly 14 weeks along now and nearing the end of my first trimester.

It's actually been rather surprising how quickly the pregnancy symptoms set in for me this time around. Within a few days of confirming my pregnancy, I started feeling nauseous in the morning, heartburn in the night time, and tired everywhere in between.  Some days have been unbearable--especially if I push myself too hard--but for the most part, I've been able to keep my food down.  The strongest symptom is the wildly sensitive sense of smell that makes day old pizza so reeky that I want to chuck my fridge out the window.  But, at about 1 in the afternoon, the switch flips and suddenly I'm starving.  That only lasts for about 2 hours before it's back to feeling gross, so I try to eat what sounds good, when it sounds good.  Quite often "what sounds good" has been french fries, gummy worms, apple slices, and fresh strawberries.  Since I craved fried foods while I was pregnant with Lee and fruits and vegetables when I was pregnant with my daughters, I'm not so sure what this disparity means.  Probably simply that every pregnancy is different and not to read into things too much, huh!

My first doctor appointment went well.  My labs and growth are all normal and the heart beat was good and strong.  I did feel pretty beat up afterword, though... a urine sample, pap smear/pelvic exam, and blood draw all in the same 45 minutes?  Yuck.  At least they were very fast and efficient and I didn't have to wait long amounts of time between tests.  But again, good news on all counts and things are going well.  I also found out that they now offer TDaP shots to women in their 3rd trimester and that the immunity can pass through breast milk to the baby.  This is great news!  The only thing I was ever so slightly disappointed with was the fact that since A) everything is going so well and B) my Dr. doesn't have an ultrasound machine in his office and C) it's expensive and D) everything is going SO VERY well, I won't have an ultrasound until the "big" one at about 20 weeks.  It's not a big deal, other than the fact that Lee and Anna have still been hoping and praying for twins and I kind of wanted to check on that.  I suppose we'll just have to be patient.

My last decent pair of jeans ripped.  I'm grumpy about it.  Since I don't want to buy regular jeans right now, considering I'm already growing and will continue to grow, I think I'll have to break out the maternity wear a bit early.  The pants because I can't just wear sweats and nasty old painting jeans all the time, and the shirts because I'll admit my normal shirts are starting to ride up and expose an embarrassing donut ring that I usually like to pretend doesn't exist.  So, here we go!  Into the 2nd trimester of shrinking shirts and pregnancy brain and general craziness!  We'll keep you all up to date with too much information and uncomfortable truths all the way to the end.  Mwahahaha!

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