Saturday, May 18, 2013

A mother's day gift for me!

On Mother's day, I was so surprised when I went to open the windows in the morning.  I opened the front window and there we 4 beautiful white blooming Spring Snow Crabapple trees.  Amazing!  Cody and the kids planted them the next day in our park strip by the street. I've been wanting this kind of tree since before we moved into the house.  They don't grow very big, which makes them ideal for the park strip, they bloom prolifically and smell like sweet honeysuckle, but don't fruit at all so no mess in the fall.  They have pretty waxy green foliage and are all around a great tree that does very well in our area.  But knowing that I wanted 4 I thought it would be an unattainable goal, or at least not feasible for several more years.  Apparently Cody found a good coupon for a discount on trees and when I told him I wanted something pretty for Mother's day, something that would make me feel special and valued and listened to, he knew exactly what to do.  I'm still shocked he went so BIG, though.  I certainly feel special now! 

 They started attracting butterflies and bumblebees before they even went in the ground.

The best gift of all, though, was having all the kids help in the surprise and their hugs and kisses and hand drawn cards.  I just love these awesome guys. 

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