Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jumping for Joy

It was a total impulse buy.  I've thought about getting a trampoline or some other play set type thing for the kids to enjoy, but they're typically quite expensive and they are happy riding bikes... but then I was browsing Facebook and one of my friends had just barely listed a used trampoline for sale with the net and everything in very good condition, and I made an offer, thinking someone would outbid me.  I was very surprised when a few minutes later she said I could have it!  I then had to confess to Cody, who wasn't upset at all.  We went and picked it up last night and brought it home to surprise the kids.  They are super excited and don't want to get off of it, even when it starts raining (although they do get off when we ask them, it's just reluctantly).  I'm telling them that this is a gift from the new baby to them, so that mommy can just watch them play for hours and hours this summer while she rests.  The #1 rule of the new trampoline: no fighting.  Any fights at all and they have to get off for the rest of the day, no warnings, no exceptions.  #2 rule: you must ask permission before jumping.  No neighbors are allowed to jump without parental (both their own parents' and mine or Cody's)  permission and supervision.  And rule #3: No jumping in the rain or thunderstorms, no flips or other dangerous maneuvers, only walking when littles are on the tramp, and no bouncing off the net/running into the net/using the net at all... or, basically, be as safe as humanly possible.  I'm just praying for no ER trips. :) 


Laurie Fifield said...

Sounds like a good deal. I wondered how you decided to buy it.

Granny D Fifield said...

They will really enjoy it. After years of having a tramp I found the only time we had injuries was when adults got on. Good luck and much fun.