Saturday, May 4, 2013

The House: 1 Year

This has been the best year of our lives. 

1 year ago on Saturday, May 5, we held our open house and moved into our new home.  That was a magical day for us, and has truly changed the way we live.  Having our own home in this fantastic neighborhood has given us a renewed sense of faith and hope and trust.  We've made lots of friends and renewed old friendships. 

We've had so much fun doing projects at our house this past year.  We loved the house when it was first done, but having the ability to change things, improve things, and just make our house a home has been such a pleasure.  Here's a recap of all the things we've completed in the last year:

Added a concrete sidewalk on the east side of the driveway to the garage entrance,

 Built a vinyl fence around the back yard,
 Put in a sprinkler system and sod in the back yard, and later surrounded the sod with flower beds and lots of beautiful plants (and pulled lots of weeds),
 Killed bugs...
 Planted trees and more beautiful flowers (and pulled more weeds),
  Added shelves and storage to the garage and painted it,

Added shelves to our cold storage room,
 Installed several new outlets upstairs, in the basement, and in the garage, and built a hidden shelf behind our TV in the living room for electronics,
 Added crown molding, chair rail, trim, and paint to the upstairs main living spaces, added trim around all the upstairs windows, and generally redecorated everything,
 Built raised beds in the garden space and along the fences, hooked up a sprinkling system to all of it, and filled them with gorgeous topsoil.  Then, added plants to lots of the beds including raspberries, strawberries, and the starts of a vegetable garden,

But the biggest thing we've done for our house in this past year is live here.  We've made memories, laughed, cried, been silly, danced to loud music, celebrated holidays, and taught our children here.  So, happy birthday house.  We're excited for the next year of more projects and more great memories, and many more years after that.


Granny D Fifield said...

Amazing and beautiful feelings. We can't wait to see what you do next year!

The SHEFFER clan said...

You guys really inspire me! Thanks for sharing in your blog

Aunt Sonja