Friday, May 31, 2013

Unexpected Potty Training

I feel pretty goofy that this snuck up on me so rapidly, but Katie is kind of sort of really for real potty training.  Weird. 

She is 2 years and 2.5 months old.  Around her second birthday she started showing interest in the potty and very rapidly had her first successes.  She was excited to be like her big brother and big sister, I think.  After several weeks of letting her sit on the potty at bath time or in the morning between diaper changes, she was still excited and still having success.  But I, Lisa, haven't been feeling too hot and have been stalling. Shame, I know.  I have tried to encourage her to go as often as she would like, but we wear diapers in between and I don't follow her around to catch her every signal. 

Now that I'm officially out of the morning sickness, though, I thought that it might be good timing to focus a bit more on potty training.  So, I've been letting her take off her diaper (yes, she knows how) and sit on the toilet.  Our biggest hurdle to overcome is that she doesn't quite have the language skills yet to communicate her needs, other than "Go poh-ee!"  and "yuck!" and "bye poopy!' which are applied to pretty much all situations.  But, and trying not to be gross here, a few nights ago Katie had a bit of the runs during bathtime, and she kept telling me "Go poh-ee!" and I'd put her on the toilet and she made it every time.  No cleanup!  No problems!  I was SO encouraged.  The next day she took off her diaper and made it again in the potty.  I wanted to reward her with something very special, so I let her put on panties and she was so so proud.  While downstairs playing and showing off her big accomplishment to daddy, she had an accident, but she recognized it as being uncomfortable and not what she wanted, which is an equal success in my book.  We cleaned it up, and I decided to start trying, just to see how long we could go without accidents.  I've set a timer for every 30 minutes (but if nothing comes out then it gets shortened to 15 minutes) and every time that beeper goes off we run to the bathroom for potty time.  Lee and Anna are awesome cheerleaders and have been buoying up both Katie's and my spirits.  She is doing incredibly well.  I plan on slowly increasing the time between potty breaks so that she can just start to feel those urges to go.  And, I plan on several more months of vigilance and endless patience and Clorox.  But, I do have a renewed hope that I'll get a bit of a diaper break between Katie and #4!

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Laurie Fifield said...

I think she will take to this easier than you expect. You did.