Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anterior Placenta

Pregnancy update/journal time!  I'm now over 21 weeks along.  I have hardly felt the baby move at all... I have felt her, but it's very faint and less often than once a day.  I'm also not gaining weight (yet) and have been having awful headaches, which I have never had before during pregnancy.  Needless to say, I started to worry, as I always do.  I was excited for my most recent doctor's appointment to get some questions answered. 

The first thing they always do is check blood pressure and do a urinalysis.  My last urine sample showed some protein, which also had me worried.  This time my blood pressure was higher than normal for me.  Normal is around 95/60, this time it was 126/67.  I know.  Not high at all, but seeing that 1 in front of the first number kind of wigged me out, especially because I know high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and headaches are all signs of pre-eclampsia... and what can I say?  I'm a Downton Abbey fan and pre-eclampsia has me more worried this time around than last time.  So that was the first order of business when talking to my doctor.

Good news, my urine was completely clear this time around and my doctor was kind to remind me that 126/67 is NOT high blood pressure in the least.  He checked my ears and nose and eyes and said that I have some pregnancy-induced sinus congestion that is probably causing the headaches.  He prescribed a pregnancy safe nasal spray... more on that later.

Then we checked the baby's heartbeat.  It's been tricky to find, but we've always found it before.  Katie was also really hard to find--but this last appointment was the first time my doctor simply couldn't find it.  Those 3 or 4 minutes of searching and searching are about the most nerve wracking thing ever for a mom.  Finally my doc went and got another doctor who came in and found the heartbeat.  It was very quiet and very deep, but definitely there.  My doctor said it was what he would expect if the baby was about 8 weeks along, not 21.  I was just relieved to know everything is okay.  After that, my doctor explained that I have "Anterior Placenta" which simply means my placenta is tilted back instead of forward.  I've always had that, I know, with all my pregnancies, but it seems to be more and more noticeable with each subsequent pregnancy.  It makes finding the heartbeat difficult, feeling the movement difficult, and makes me not show out front quite so predominantly--but won't affect the baby's growth or development in the least.  What a relief. 

After the appointment I went to get my prescription filled and found out our insurance won't cover a non-generic label for it without written request from my doctor.  There isn't a generic label of this nasal spray, either.  Blah.  So, the pharmacy contacted my doc and I hope to hear back soon.  In the meantime I'm still having headaches, still blowing my nose every ten minutes, still congested.  But the baby is healthy and well.  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and was turned just the right way that I was feeling our little girl squirm all over the place.  I was so excited that I didn't go back to sleep for about fifteen minutes--just reveling in her movements and knowing all was well.  Silly mommy Lisa.  I know I shouldn't be so worried, or losing sleep over this already, but I just needed that moment last night to feel my new baby and know that she was alright and that all was well.  I love her already.

And as a reward for reading through this very long, very dry mini-novella, I'll now reveal the name we're seriously considering:  Elsie Marie.  Marie is my middle name, so that's the family connection, but as I've been casually browsing for names I came across Elsie in the 1910's census and it seemed to pop off the page at me.  That was even before we knew she was a girl, and I was purposefully looking for boy names.  Since then, I've tried looking for more names, but just can't get over Elsie.  So unless something else sings to us louder than this, we may have already found our 4th baby's name!


Laurie Fifield said...

Thanks for the update. Cute name. :) I read this out loud to Dad, so he got to hear the news also.

Sara said...

Cute name! I like it.