Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fun kids, Fun daddy

Cody has quite the reputation around our neighborhood.  Some call him "fun dad," some call him "fun Cody,"  some just ask if they can go play at Cody's house instead of Lee or Anna's house.  Why, you might ask?  Because he loves to play with the kids!  He puts them on his shoulders and races around, he tosses them in the air higher than any mother feels comfortable with, he lets them see the worms and races them on their bikes... he's just fun to play with.  Last week we went on a neighborhood playdate to our local (very small) zoo.  It was several moms with a bunch of kids and Cody was the only dad available to go.  The next morning he said to me, "Wow, my legs are really sore!  I can't figure out why; I didn't work out or anything..."  And then I reminded him, "Well, you did do broncos with about 15 kids for a couple hours yesterday."   We had a good laugh.  They sure love him.  I do too. :)
Hudson insisted on sitting so far away.  We promise he was not exiled.