Friday, June 28, 2013

Life as of the end of June

I've complained too much on this blog recently and figured I'd better give everyone an update.  I always hate it when someone tells me only part of a story and not the resolution, so here's the resolution for our most recent situations.

My toe is better now, thank goodness.  It was about a week before it felt normal again, though.  We've also been battling colds and other illnesses around here, some pregnancy related and some not.  It's an odd feeling to be the beginning of Summer and coughing, sneezing, and hugging the humidifier like it was Winter again!  But despite illnesses, I'm grateful for how amazing our kids are and their ability to self entertain.  They are SUCH good kids.

Katie's potty training is going amazingly well!  I'm astounded at her progress.  She tells us when she needs to go, or even more often, takes herself to the bathroom, and doesn't fight us when we take her for a potty break.  Once she started potty training in the day, she quickly has figured out how to control her bladder better, and that has also translated to nighttime.  Again, I'm just blown away.  We've been letting her wear panties to bed, even, with a waterproof mat under her, but she hasn't wet the bed yet.  I fully expect some more accidents, but after going a full week--and beyond--now without a single accident, day or night, I think we can call that potty trained, and we can definitely say she's been the easiest and funnest to potty train of any of our children, bar none!  What a blessing!  GO Katie!

Lee loves being out of school and has finally decided that he is excited for another sister.  He's so tender and sweet--he was most worried there would be too many girls in one bedroom.  But the promise of eventually finishing the basement has got him much more relaxed about it.  That, and also getting to go on fathers/son's outings with daddy all by himself...

Annalisa is being a good helper and maturing way too quickly.  She certainly has a full social schedule with her friends stopping by almost daily to see if she can play.  She gets invited to more birthday parties than anyone else I know and loves to tell us all about her many, many best friends.  Have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood and the opportunities our kids have here?  It's fantastic.

All in all life is going well.  Naptime is my favorite time of the day, followed closely by bedtime.  :)  We're happy and as healthy as we could hope for right now  Our garden is growing rapidly, our worms are multiplying like crazy, Cody loves his job and our kids are learning and growing every day.  And that's what life is like for us!

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Laurie Fifield said...

And hopefully soon that yucky cold will be gone as well.