Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What do you do in the summertime...

... with a broken toe, that is?  On Sunday, in our rush to get ready in the morning, I was talking to Anna while walking instead of watching where I was going and I ran straight into the bathroom door frame.  Ouch.  duh.  I feel so stupid.  But I'm about 88% sure I broke my pinky toe.  It has been throbbing non-stop for 3 days now and I can barely walk. 

So, again I ask, what do you do in the summertime with a broken toe?  You can't chase your kids around outside or take them to the park.  You can't go out and pull weeds.  You can't keep up with your laundry or dishes or potty training 2 year old.  You can't walk around the kitchen cooking.  You can only do the things you hate doing: watch TV and put on a movie for the kids, which makes me feel even more lazy and rotten inside.  Mostly what I do in the summertime with a broken toe: cry.


Kristin said...

Have you tried taping your toe to the one next to it for support?

The Real Life of Mark and Em said...

Giving out my medical advice here, I worry you might have done more than just broke a pinky toe....usually they hurt but not so bad you can't walk. Maybe you better get your foot x-rayed :(
Also lets set up a play date! I have 2 days off a week now!