Wednesday, July 31, 2013

27 weeks

I haven't purposely been avoiding the camera... but I haven't been jumping in front of it either.  Consequently, this early-Sunday-morning-watering-the-garden photo is as good as I've got right now.  At least you can see the silhouette of my growing baby bump, and it looks like a baby bump and not just a thick waistline. :)

I'm one week into the third trimester and already starting to notice some of the classic signs of a further-along pregnancy.  My ankles occasionally are swollen, it's getting quite difficult to pick things up off the floor or to clip my toenails or tie my shoes.  Elsie now kicks hard enough for it to be visible, but she's not so big that it is uncomfortable--thank goodness.  I swing between being starving and eating everything in sight, to suddenly feeling kind of sick and not wanting anything to eat, often for 24 hours or more.  I still eat during those times, but not very much. Unfortunately, I'm still congested.  Some days isn't too bad, but just when I start to think that it's better, I have another wave of it and I'm back in bed with the humidifier, kleenex, and essential oils.  Today is particularly bad, so thank goodness I have Cody to help me and big kids who are quite self sufficient.  They really are SO good and I am SO grateful for them. 

Hm.  As I was typing this, Katie just came up to me saying "meow! meow!" and started licking my arm.  Silly girl!  Life certainly is an adventure around here. 

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