Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer growing

 The garden may be growing fast, but it's certainly not as happy or cute or exciting as our growing kids!  This summer, Lee has learned how to bathe himself entirely, and it is SO nice.  He is riding his bike without training wheels, no problem, and loves it.  We practice his speech every day, even if he doesn't always know that's what we're doing.  Annalisa is getting ready for preschool, even though I kind of wish she was just a couple weeks older and would be in kindergarten.  She is SO ready.  She loves to read the letters off of signs and asks me what each word spells.  Katie has potty trained this summer, learned to pedal her tricycle very well, snitches red strawberries and raspberries from the garden (she takes after me that way), and loves to do things on her own.  She sets the table better than any of the other kids and is so cute as she places each item carefully in its spot, saying "Nee, Nanna, Keetee, Mommy, Daddy..."  Adorable.
 Every morning (and afternoon, and evening for that matter) Cody loves to walk through the yard, checking on all the plants, yanking a few weeds, picking berries or vegetables, but mostly just marveling at the growth and excitement that has come from our hard work.  Look how big our quaking aspens, pumpkin patch, and sunflowers have gotten!  *we're hoping that in a few years, the quakies will be big enough to generally shield out our neighbor's 2 story shed/playhouse AKA "the monstrosity"... although I do admit it is much better looking now that he finally put on siding and shingles... having it unfinished for a year and half was quite the eyesore*
Can you find Lee?  I can't think of many places more fun to hide than a sunflower patch.  It's been a fun summer thus far!  Kind of odd to think that it's over half gone...

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Granny D Fifield said...

Great blog I love reading what you write. Good family history.