Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation time

I don't think I've left home in six months... I can't remember honestly, but it's certainly been difficult to go do fun things since becoming pregnant.  I have awful motion sickness that's aggravated by pregnancy, making driving very, very difficult... and then I had that congestion that just wouldn't go away and Cody's new work schedule/position... needless to say, we have not been doing much traveling and it was high time for a vacation.  Since my second trimester was winding down and the congestion somewhat clearing up, and I hadn't had a bout of morning sickness for weeks, and Cody was able to procure some paid time off, AND all of this coincided with Cody's mom's 60th birthday, we grabbed the opportunity for a 4 day excursion south.

Tuesday we drove the 6 hour drive to Cody's parents house in Southern Utah, arriving around 3 in the afternoon, with enough time to help put together a really fun surprise party for Cody's mom.  Several of Cody's sisters were able to come, as well as many of mom's siblings.  We had a great picnic at a park and dodged rain while playing with cousins, singing songs, putting on dances, and gobbling up delicious Navajo Tacos.  Yum!

Wednesday was Pioneer day and we started the morning with watching Grandma in the Pioneer day Parade.  She's a member of the local chapter of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and they'd made a fun float and were part of the "Rhythm band"--playing kazoos, shakers, drums, and singing songs.  We all came home with huge bags of candy... more than we've ever scored at a parade... and soaking wet from chasing the fire trucks that were happy to cool off the kids at the end of the parade. 

The rest of Wednesday was spent napping, enjoying the company of our aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, eating some yummy dinner and watching a movie before crashing early. 

Thursday we loaded up a bunch of supplies and headed to the family ranch for the day.  We borrowed one of the cabins and Cody and his sister Raychel caught a couple of the horses to do some rides with the kids in the morning.  After lots of trail riding, we had lunch and the 2 year olds and grandpas took naps while Raychel and Paul and Cody took the bigger kids hand fishing and Grandma and I stayed at the cabin and pulled out my quilt material and worked on that.  The fishing party brought home 4 gorgeous 13 inch long trout, and had released several more.  Nobody even had leeches, although they were very wet and dirty.  We hung the wet clothes out to dry and waited in our swimming suits while we cooked up the fish and some other goodies for a great ranch dinner.  After dinner we loaded up again and went home to bed, though nobody got to touch their pajamas until after they'd had a bath. :)

Friday Raychel and Paul had to leave in the afternoon, so that morning they took Cody and all the kids up to a part of the ranch called Meyer's valley, which isn't grazing fields, but is a beautiful mountain valley.  A few years ago, Meyer's valley was burned in a wild fire, which was devastating to the family.  This ranch has been in the family for nearly a hundred years now, and up in Meyer's valley is a large stand of Quaking Aspens where family members have carved their names, even Cody's great grandfather had.  It was quite the rite of passage for Cody and I to hike up there as newly weds and pick out our tree, carve in our names, with the intent to go back and add our children's names.   It was very special place, and to see it burned so badly was very, very sad.  We still don't know if our tree survived; Cody couldn't find it on this return trip, but we'll go back and look someday.  It was inspiring to see the new baby quaking aspens coming up through the burned wreckage.  The troops went to the spring which hadn't been burned, and enjoyed a sip of mountain spring water.  Of course, all of this is only accessible by truck, hiking, horseback, or 4-wheeler, so the kids loved riding in the back of the pickup.  Grandma, Grandpa (who had hurt his foot and was in a lot of pain), and I stayed at home and worked more on my quilt.  I didn't think the bumpy road would be very good for baby Elsie, so we'll have to wait for next time.

Friday afternoon, after lunch and naps and sending off Raychel and Paul, we went browsing in downtown Panguitch, and Cody found himself a tan Stetson that he fell in love with and has now become his Christmas gift.  We went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and went back to the house to watch 17 miracles and cry and cry and cry.  We packed up a bit and went to bed.

Saturday morning was just packing up the van and eating breakfast, and we were on the road by about 8:30 AM.  Of course, there was one unexpected stop during the windy road through the mountain canyon when Katie had mommy's motion sickness flare up... poor girl.  :(  Still, the kids enjoyed picking some wild flowers and then we were back on the road. 

We had to tease Raychel and Paul because they accidentally left so much stuff in Panguitch that we had to stop at their house and drop it all off.  It was a perfect lunch break, though, and we got home in the mid afternoon.  Now, we've been unpacking, washing laundry, putting away toiletries, working, and generally trying to get back to the routine.  It was a fun trip, but now we're ready to finish up the summer and start my 3rd Trimester and get ready for school to start in less than a month.  Happy summer vacation!

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