Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby #4 in just 9 weeks (or thereabouts)

This is a journal.  Just FYI.  I'm now 31 weeks along!  It's going amazingly fast. 

My congestion comes and goes, and fortunately the past few days haven't been as bad.  I bought a Neti pot after many people recommended it and I was so miserable and desperate that I thought I might as well try it--if for no other reason than I could honestly say I had tried everything.  Decongestants have had no effect whatsoever, and since they're hard on my already overtaxed liver, I stopped taking them altogether.  Essential oils, both diffused and used topically, have helped, but not much.  The worst points are when the congestion culminates in an absolutely crippling sinus headache that lasts for hours and hours.  So, I tried the neti pot.  It hasn't done anything for stopping the congestion except for temporary relief, which isn't surprising considering the source of the congestion; however, it amazingly has stopped the headaches in their tracks.  I have one start and I'm about to go to bed and stick my head under a pillow for hours because I can't think or move or breathe, and then I do the neti pot and feel better almost instantly.  I guess that makes me a believer! 

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything is going very well.  Dr. Clark was pleased with my 7 pound weight gain since the start of the pregnancy.  Considering I have plenty of storage for my baby, this minimal gain is great.  All my girls thus far have hated the doppler and hearing the heartbeat and they roll away from it as fast as they can.  It is funny.  Dr. Clark has learned to put the doppler on one spot, move it to another, then go back to the first spot and that's where we always find the strongest heartbeat.  He also looked at my labor history and told me that I would have to start 1 week appointments (and consequently those uncomfortable internal exams) until 37 weeks, yay!  My blood pressure is good, no swelling or water retention, all around a very healthy pregnancy! 

Healthy, yes; comfortable? not really.  I know Elsie is just going to get bigger and this is just going to get harder, but I am definitely feeling achey and tired.  My only pair of capris, and one of 2 decent pairs of maternity pants I own, ripped right down the back.  I really don't want to buy new pants when I have 2 months left to go and am not even sure if we will have another baby--let alone when; so I'm hoping this last pair of pants holds out!  I'm keeping busy with lots of projects and lots of naps.  Katie is finally figuring out that my belly is going to, eventually, become a new baby.  It helps that Annalisa likes to stick dollies up her shirt and pretend to be pregnant like mommy, then they take the baby out and play with their babies.  Perhaps a bit graphic, but it really has helped Katie figure out that I have a baby inside me and that soon her life will change forever.  Lee and Annalisa, of course, know exactly what is happening and are very excited.  Lee is such a helper and Annalisa loves getting things ready for Baby Elsie.  I think she's set up the crib about ten times with a blanket and a stuffed animal so that it will be ready when Elsie comes home.  So silly and cute!  If only Cody and I were as prepared; our to-do list is still very long.  In the next nine weeks, we're hoping to finish the concrete curbing (which should be done tonight or tomorrow), frame the basement, bottle a lot more produce including peaches and applesauce, harvest a fall crop of lettuce and spinach, finish up the rest of the garden, winterize the house, deep-clean inside including shampooing the carpet and wiping down the cabinets (normal yearly cleaning), make freezer meals, finish all the Christmas shopping and projects, and somehow manage to keep up with jobs and callings and getting the kids to school.  Pretty ambitious, so if we can't finish it all, oh well.  A lot of these jobs are nearly done, and many more of them have scheduled dates of accomplishment (like framing the basement).  We'll see how it goes.  Staying busy helps me feel productive.  It took me until this pregnancy to recognize this feeling as "nesting."  I always thought nesting was restricted to activities such as scrubbing the driveway.  I didn't realize that things like home improvement projects, potty training, and storing meals in the freezer counted as nesting because I just thought that was me being smart about getting ready for the baby's arrival.  Yeah, I can be slow sometimes.  Nesting IS getting ready for baby's arrival.  :)

Well, speaking of projects, I need to go make zucchini bread.  It's going to be about a sixtuple batch and I'm going to freeze most of it.  Look how clever I am!  Produce from garden preserved--check. Freezer meals (breakfasts)--check.  Any job that crosses of two or more things on my to-do list is a winner in my book!

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