Saturday, August 31, 2013

More curbing

It's almost done!  I'm excited and thrilled with the result.  But before I can show you the pictures, I must remind you that the landscaping is not done, nor even close to done.  It's going to look like a bunch of dead grass... and that's how it is supposed to look.  Just pay attention to the curbing itself, ok?  The rest will happen in due time. 

In front of the backyard herb bed

Backyard, around the corner of the herb bed

Back yard by the gate and headed toward the strawberries.  I'm hoping to fill this spot with grape vines.

Front yard, connecting our lot with our neighbor's between our two gates

Front yard, West gate.  I love the little grass pathway to the back yard!

Front yard flower bed by the porch
There is still a fairly large section to do along the backyard back fence, but that is it.  It has been so fun to watch them work and see how this is done!  Here, I'll show/tell you.  You, of course, already saw where they cut out the sod and leveled the soil beneath, which was done very quickly with their nifty sod cutting machine (and would have taken hours and hours of back breaking work with a shovel).  Once it is clear and compacted, they lay a bit of fine gravel first for drainage, and then bring in a couple more machines--a cement mixer which stays on the road in a trailer, and then the curbing form machine.  You shovel in the cement and it places it in the right spot, as designated by the operator who uses little cranks to keep the machine level and also to turn the wheels so that it can do curves and corners and bends and stuff.  Well, here's a little video Cody took of the process in action.  They've been working around sunset because it isn't so hot (and because all of them have day jobs) so the movie starts in the shade, and then Cody moves.  I apologize for the moving all over the place, but you can see how the process works (this is mostly for my dad):
After the concrete has been placed, they come back with a trowel and smooth it carefully.  They also use a concrete knife and divet maker to add the joints in the concrete, to allow for expansion and contraction and to prevent cracks from forming.  We've found that this part is easier to do in the daylight, but after dark, a big flashlight and the headlights from a car work pretty well. 

Cody has had a lot of fun helping our neighbor with this project.  Even though we are paying them to do the work, we are getting a great deal and are happy to contribute in this small way.  Besides, I know I've already mentioned how Cody's face lights up when he gets to learn a new skill and help with projects; and after sitting in the basement all day listening to calls, who can blame him for wanting to go outside and get really dirty? :)


Laurie Fifield said...

What a great project! And I love that you have some extra sod inside in a few spots that you can move to the outside and finish it off. You may have to bring in a bit more topsoil though - good thing you have a hubby that likes to get dirty. :)

Granny D Fifield said...

I'm quite envious! It will look so very sharp!