Monday, August 12, 2013

The Lord's mysterious ways

This is going to be a very personal, special post.  It is also going to be highly religious and spiritual.  I want to put it here so that I can keep a good record of it, and my blog is the best place for keeping things.  We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons.  I'll be using a lot of jargon specific to the Church.

As I write this, it is Friday, August 9.  I have lots of feelings and emotions that I want to write about.  I'll probably add some more on Sunday before publishing this early next week, but I was always taught to write it out while the memories are still fresh and the feelings are strong, because the mind is weak and will forget.  Yesterday, as Cody and I were processing kids through the tub and cleaning up from dinner, the secretary from the stake presidency stopped by the house.  He had tried to call twice during dinner, but because of our phone setup, we hadn't received his message yet so he decided just to stop by the house.  I would feel much worse if I didn't know he lived just a few blocks away.  :)  But anyway, he stopped by and asked Cody and I if we would meet with the Stake Presidency for an interview at 7:30; about 45 minutes out.  Cody said we could, and they asked us to bring our temple recommends.  The funny part of that was that we were in the process of getting our recommends renewed and had already gone through the bishopric interview, but still needed to meet with the Stake Presidency and were planning on doing that on this upcoming Sunday, but when this interview popped up Cody asked if we could to the temple recommend interview at the same time; to which we were told that would be perfectly fine.

So we scrambled to get the kids in PJ's and a babysitter and put on our suit/dress, and were ready to head out a few minutes before 7:30.  We got to the stake center and the stake presidency was ready for us, so I had a temple recommend interview with one of the counselors while Cody went to meet with the Stake President.  After I was done, I joined Cody and the rest of the stake presidency.  I can't really say the wonderful things we talked about during the interview, but I have rarely felt the spirit so strongly.  During the course of the meeting, the Stake Presidency asked Cody to accept a call as the second counselor in our ward Bishopric, which means he would also be advanced in the priesthood to the office of High Priest.  Cody accepted this call with a surprised smile.  We were both very surprised.  Sometimes the Holy Ghost warns you when these things comes up, but this was a total shock; albeit a good one.  After he accepted the calling, the Stake President asked me if I sustained him in this calling.  It was hard to hold back tears as I said, "Yes, I do, with all my heart."  I wanted to gush out about how wonderful Cody is and how proud I am of him, and how I know he is worthy and will pour his heart into this work.  I wanted to tell them how I know the Lord has been preparing us and guiding us all along and this is just another step on that journey.  I wanted to tell them I was a little scared to be caring for 3, soon to be 4 young children and will be getting them ready for church and sitting through sacrament by myself, but I knew that the ward members would be wonderful and helpful.  I wanted to tell them how much I love our bishop and how I couldn't be more thankful for that man who will be Cody's mentor and guide, even though it will be Cody's calling to support and assist him.  I had so much flowing through my mind and heart, but all I could manage was, "Yes, I sustain him, with all my heart." 

Cody's biggest concern was that as a High Priest he'll be an old guy.  :)  He's very excited to be involved with the youth of the ward and is naturally a little overwhelmed at this big change.  After returning home from the interview and calling our parents, Cody just wanted to go walk around the garden and neighborhood for a while.  He came home with a strong conviction that this call is from God.  I know he will enter this calling with the same zeal and enthusiasm as he always takes with him, on any adventure of life.  It will mean some big changes for our family, of course.  Cody will be much busier, especially on Sundays.  We had a lot of questions to ask the Stake Presidency, and will have many more questions I'm sure, but right now we're feeling excited, nervous, and most of all the peaceful confirmation of the Holy Spirit as we enter this new phase of life. 


Granny D Fifield said...

Cody we are not surprised. We know you will do well. You will be a blessing to those you serve. Love you much. M & D

Laurie Fifield said...

We are very proud of you and know that Cody will be loved by the youth and all he serves. You'll find a creative way to keep the kids focused and help them support their dad.