Friday, August 23, 2013

Time for another project!

Cody and I just can't stay away from the home improvement projects for long. We're totally addicted.  We are planning on starting the basement this fall, and the garden is just starting to wane, but we decided to tackle another big item on our to-do list: Concrete landscape curbing.

This has always been a goal/dream of ours.  A few of our neighbors have had it done and it looks gorgeous every time.  We hate weed eating too, so we knew this was going to be the way to go for edging along our flower beds.  Because we knew we wanted it, we haven't done any other type of edging--not even temporary rocks or something.  We just decided to wait until we had the money and the gumption.  We found the axis of both recently: our neighbor across the street procured some curbing machinery in a sweet business deal and decided to open a side business with it.  Because we're one of his first houses (not THE first... we let him practice a couple times, hee hee), and because we're doing it the same time as a couple other neighbors, he's giving us an amazingly good deal... like, jaw on the floor good deal.  So, off we go! 

They're doing most of the work, but there is a few things we have to do ourselves, like moving sprinkler heads and of course the landscaping when it is done.  Granted, this would have been much easier to do if we didn't have established sod and flower beds, but that wasn't an option for us.  I'm very grateful our neighbor has a spiffy sod cutting machine to get perfectly smooth lines and we don't have to cut out all the sod by hand!  I will put up more pictures as they go.

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