Thursday, September 12, 2013

33 weeks down, 7 to go

Good gravy.  Just 7 weeks left?  Yeah, I suppose that feels about right.

I've now gained 11 pounds this pregnancy, which is as much as I gained total during Katie's pregnancy.  While that's still pretty low and I'm happy with it, I was silently hoping to match the weight gain from last time.  Oh well, no biggie.  My pregnancy with Katie was marked with nausea and stress that lasted from start to finish, so I'm glad this one is much healthier.  Besides, Katie was a tad on the small side and I'll feel better about inducing a week early if I know Elsie is a bit bigger. 

Which leads me to the next thought... I've been starting to look at delivery and what I want to see happen.  I have about a 2% chance (just my opinion, not any scientific fact) of going into labor spontaneously, so I've been looking at the calendar and trying to decide when to go for an induction.  My doctor said he's willing to go up to a week early (39 gestational weeks), but Cody wants me to wait a week over again... not sure why... but anyway.  Since my due date is on Halloween Day, I'm trying to think through what will be best in the future.  Would you rather have your birthday a few days before Halloween and run the risk of always getting Halloween-themed gifts, or a few days after and run the risk of having a partied-out mom who makes you fruit salad for a birthday cake because she's so sick of candy?  I think it's becoming clear which way I'm leaning, but I'd really like opinions.  Mostly so I can get some more comments. ;)

The weather finally cooled off this week, and I'm so happy.  We even got some rain, which is desperately needed.  I've hardly been able to sleep at night because it is too hot, so when it gets chilly at night I love it.  I'm getting really excited for Elsie to come and am trying to prep and plan everything I possibly can now.  The Christmas shopping is almost done, our freezer and pantries are full of food (as you know from my food storage post), I've arranged a carpool to get Annalisa to preschool--hooray!, and even arranged 2 back-up plans just in case I go into labor.  My back aches and I have charlie horses in my right leg--always my right.  I still run my neti-pot and humidifier almost every day to maintain the sinus headaches and congestion.  One sad thing, another pair of my maternity pants ripped yesterday, bringing me down to just one pair of jeans and some old sweats that fit me, and some dresses and skirts.  The dresses are cotton jersey and super comfy, so I'll probably wear those more often and not buy more maternity clothes for this pregnancy.  I hope I can hold out until I can wear normal sizes again!  But by far the most important news is that Elsie is doing great and I feel pregnant, but not horrible.  No swelling, good blood pressure, good heartbeat and growth, and she's head down and ready to go.  7 more weeks!


Granny D Fifield said...

The "important news" is really good news! I think I'd wait put it has been a long time since I was 33 weeks pregnant. :D

Kristin said...

I would say wait til after Halloween. You are always great at having fun birthdays and it'll be easier to find things other than Halloween if she is born after.

John and Anna said...

My bday is Oct 14. And while it's not right before Halloween, it being in the same month made almost all my birthdays Halloween themed and I LOVED it! My mom was so good at coming up with different ideas too. I don't ever remember getting Halloween themed bday presents. Kids don't pick out that kind of stuff for other kids. If you are ready to have her earlier do it! Halloween will probably be her favorite holiday like it is mine now.