Monday, September 2, 2013

Adios, August!

I'm so happy August is over!  The heat of the summer is really starting to bother me.  It has been abnormally hot and dry this year, with less than a quarter inch of very scattered rain since May and 53 days over 95 degrees (there's still a few more on the forecast too).  Thank goodness for our wonderful garden and air conditioning that have made the summer far more enjoyable!  But now I'm ready for September and Fall.  My mom and I bottled tomatoes from my garden, I've bottled green beans as well; I've made basil pesto, frozen spinach and peas, dug my onions, frozen zucchini casseroles and zucchini bread and roasted cherry tomato soup, and am ready for it to start cooling off and the days to start getting shorter.  Since I'm (clearly) not a fan of summertime, here's some pictures from the last month to remind me of all the things I do like about August.  You'll notice most of them have to do with tomatoes and food.

Peace out, August.  Happy September!

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