Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some happy things

This week has been very busy for us.  Today I'm 34 weeks along, and although I've tried really hard to not overdo anything, it's also very difficult for me to sit and watch Cody work hard on the basement and even have people come help him and not do anything myself.  Consequently, I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions all week.  In a way it's kind of exciting because my body is finally giving a "normal" response to being pregnant and this far along.  But then I remember that contractions this early in the pregnancy is probably not a good thing, and I should probably quit trying to help in the basement.  Blah.  What an up and down roller coaster this is!  I'm stuck between my feeble body and my very self-conscious and frustrated brain, and I hate feeling so useless.  OK.  Enough grumping.  I'd better post some really cute things to get my mind off the grouchies.

The other day, the kids started singing songs to Elsie.  It was so cute, I had Cody take a video.  They are so excited for their new baby sister! 


And also a few days ago, Katie somehow had grabbed Cody's phone and was taking pictures while I was buckling her into her carseat.  This is pretty much the only belly shot I have.  It's not half bad, actually!  Good photography skills, Katie-Bubble!
 Truly, the basement is coming along phenomenally well.  We've had so much help; I am beyond grateful.  My parents, my cousin, and some friends have all come by to help more than once and I'm still surprised we didn't scare them away.  :)  Cody has been working almost non-stop on it.  I made him take a few hours off last night so we could go on a date--our first date in over a month.  He has been SO busy and it felt great to just sit down and talk for a while.  But mostly it has been go-go-go, and there's plenty of progress to show for it. 

Cody has now completed the framing on the exterior walls except for around a few windows, and is starting the interior walls today so he can put his office back together.  Pretty exciting!  I need to take more pictures! :)

I also accidentally made 6 loaves of zucchini bread yesterday.  It wasn't really on accident... I just misread the recipe and grated 6 cups of zucchini when I only needed 2, and so I ended up making a triple batch when I wasn't intending to make a triple batch.  Pregnancy brain strikes again!  But at least this time the benefit was that I made breakfast and some to share at Relief Society, plus several more loaves for the freezer which means fast and easy meals in the next few months.  Not a bad mistake to make, I suppose. 

OK.  Just thinking about all these great things going on in my life has helped me feel better.  I hope you are all well.  Life really is great. I'll be talking at you again very soon!


Kristin said...

You' are doing what is best for your baby, don't feel useless, trust me, I've been there! If one of your other kids was sick you'd have no problem snuggling them on the couch all day long. taking it easy is the same thing for Elsie.

Laurie Fifield said...

Looking great! And don't feel bad, just know that you're doing what's best for Elsie. I love the popcorn song, especially watching Katie do the actions.