Thursday, October 3, 2013

36 weeks, just a bit closer

This last week I've had some dizzy spells and bad headaches again, and I'm very uncomfortable.  It's been bad enough that I've been kind of worried that my carefully laid plans to be induced somewhere around my due date will fall through... so even though I know the headaches are sinus related because of the pregnancy congestion (that yes, I am STILL suffering from), and I know that dizziness is common in pregnancy, and I know that I should be uncomfortable, I've been eager to go to my doctor appointment and make sure everything is going alright.

Everything IS going alright, thank goodness!  Elsie is growing well, her heartbeat is nice and strong, my blood pressure is perfect, and all the other unmentionables are just fine as well.  At 36 weeks I get the oh-so-lovely internal exams (or, as I've been referring to them this time around, the "human-hand-puppet-exam").  Not much is going on: 25% effaced and .5 cm.  Dr. Clark told me not to come in, even if I have a few strong contractions, unless they are in a good rhythm and not going away when I move.  Good to know.  In other words, I can relax and know that this is most likely going to be just like every other time.  For the first time EVER, I'm okay with that.  With 3 kids at home and juggling school schedules and carpools and the like, and with a very busy husband, I've found the good in not spontaneously starting labor.  I can plan it out.  I can call my helpers ahead and don't have to bang on someone's door at 2 AM.  Cody can call in PTO instead of getting stuck with UTO because there wasn't time to approve the good stuff.  Don't worry, friends, I do have back-up plans and back-up-back-up plans.  I'm just glad that things are going well, and that I don't have to panic as much.  Still, 3-5 weeks remaining means that there's a lot of work to be done and lots to be excited for, but a lot of the worry is gone.  And yes, a small part of me is hoping I'm jinxing myself right now.

I'll probably keep you up to date on my weekly appointments, just like with my previous pregnancies.  We are all getting very excited for Elsie to arrive.  The kids are especially excited.  Lee and Anna never forget to give Elsie a kiss at bedtime and before going to school.  I love seeing my to-do list shrink.  Cody has been working hard to help me.  He's finished all the framing in the basement except for a bit of ladder backing, and has cleaned out the garage.  That's great news because that gives us the space to clean out the cars and install the carseat.  I'm not going to pack a bag yet because I don't have enough clothes to hide away an outfit for 3 or 4 weeks, but I do have Elsie's clothes washed.  We still need to set up her room and the changing table, but we have most of the items we need to stock it once it is clean.  Every step is a thrill as we know that before long, we'll have a sweet little baby addition to our family!

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