Tuesday, October 22, 2013

38 weeks, 5 days report

My doctor is back in town and I had an appointment today.  It went like this.

"Oh, I see you're still pregnant!"
"Yes, unfortunately."
Weight gain for whole pregnancy: 15 pounds
BP 122/70
Urine sample just fine.  :P
Elsie's Heartbeat, a bit tricky to find as usual, 155 bpm.
No major change for me, 1.5 cm and 40% effaced.
Dr Clark's recommendation, after reading notes from my previous labors that even I didn't know about--Elsie needs to come sooner rather than later, and since he has this weekend off and wouldn't have to be in the office taking patients or doing clinics, he suggested it would be the best time for her to come (or we could wait until Nov 1, but I really don't want to have birthday mornings after staying up late Trick-or-Treating).  So, despite my careful planning and mental preparation to wait another 2 weeks, when he told me that it would be better for the baby, I totally caved.  I have an induction scheduled for this Friday, October 25!

It's officially go-time.  We're finishing Elsie's bassinet, doing laundry, packing the hospital bag, and arranging the babysitting/carpools/substitutes/time off of work.  It is exciting and amazingly nerve-wracking as well.  Fortunately, like I said yesterday, we're in good shape.  3 more days, here we go!


Granny D Fifield said...

Fantastic! We can hardly wait. We are waiting with open arms. Is there anything we can do tomorrow or the next day?

John and Anna said...

Yay! Hope everything goes well for you!!