Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coming home

We did it!  This is Lisa again, Cody has been released with honors from his position of blogger-in-chief. :)

Time for stories, from my point of view.

The labor and delivery were exactly as I had hoped.  The epidural was GREAT.  I always had control of my legs and could move, but it wiped the severe pain right off the map.  At the end, it was really interesting how Elsie was descending.  We kept having to move the monitor lower and lower.  She had her hand up by her face at delivery, so pushing was a bit hard, and Dr. Clark helped Elsie do some yoga and get her hand back by her side before she could come out.  I kept pushing and thinking, "Why hasn't she come out yet?"  But finally she came and when they put her on my tummy she looked straight into my eyes.  I thought she looked so tiny and beautiful.  I was quite surprised to find out she's our biggest baby yet.  I thought she'd be more Katie's size, in the upper 6 pound range, but nope, she clocked in at 7 lbs 14 oz, just shy of 8 pounds.  Perfect in every way.  Her APGAR scores were 8 and 9. 

She is an amazing baby.  She already has a great eating/sleeping schedule and is good at telling us what she wants.  Cody and I are both in love with her and the kids are too.  Apparently Annalisa told Cody's mom after they visited the hospital yesterday, "Our baby is cuter than any other baby ever!"  Sums up my feelings perfectly.  Katie keeps saying, "I wan-hold it!" and within a few minutes of coming home, brought Elsie her favorite stuffed cat and a blanket... adorable.  The kids were all on the porch waving puppets they had made with Grandma and cheering as we drove up.  It was the best reception ever. 

We're glad we have some help arranged for the next few weeks.  Already we can tell that 4 kids is going to be very busy!  But we are excited to be home with this precious new addition to our family.


John and Anna said...

She's beautiful!!! Congrats again!

Raychel said...

Love it! She is adorable!

bridget said...

She is beautiful. And I'm sad I haven't been reading your blog more frequently. You are a great blogger :)