Monday, October 28, 2013

Enjoying Elsie

Elsie is 3 days old!  Life at our house has been a bit hectic, but it is wonderful to be home together.  Yesterday we had a lot of visitors stop by.  Today the kids are at school and we still have Grandma with us for a few more hours, and it is quiet and peaceful.  Our recovery and transition are going very well.

Elsie had borderline risk bilirubin--lower than any of the other kids, and not high enough to warrant daily checks, but at her newborn checkup today, Dr. Clark did want us to test to make sure it wasn't getting worse.  I really don't like these bilirubin tests, especially after having to test Katie every day for the first week of life... I know it's important to track and all, but taking the baby back to the hospital when I'm sore and recovering just for a daily test, only for them to say "Come back tomorrow and test again..." is very frustrating for me.  So... making a short story long... we went back to the hospital lab and had Elsie tested right after her newborn checkup, and small miracle #352 of this delivery, her bilirubin has fallen just out of the risk zone, hooray!  No more tests unless she looks really sick.  I'm happy.

Speaking of small miracles... I'm serious when I say #352.  This whole delivery and recovery is going phenomenally well.  I keep hesitating to say that out loud, because I know things could change at any second like they did after Katie was born and I started having gall bladder attacks and emotional breakdowns... but in the last few months I was given 3 separate priesthood blessings, all of which spoke of health and strength and a fast recovery.  I'm truly seeing the fulfillment of those blessings now.  My body is recovering quickly and Elsie's health has been spectacular.  Our hospital stay was the best we've ever experienced, and we have lots more help this time around than we did previously.  We love our neighborhood, our family, and friends who have been so generous in offering their support.  It is so appreciated.

One last funny story just to end... I gave Elsie a bath this morning while the kids were at school.  Katie was home, though, so of course she got to help me.  We got all the things out for a sponge bath, and then I started filling the sink with warm water and washing down Elsie.  Katie suddenly gets an impish smile and says, "Yay, Bathtime!"  Then, she promptly stripped off all her clothes and ran around the house stark naked, calling, "Bathtime!  Yay, Bathtime!"  Hilarious! 

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Laurie Fifield said...

This is the third time I've read this post. I should leave a comment. I think one of the major things that has made this such a great delivery is that wonderful house.