Monday, October 21, 2013

The state of the To-Do list

I was just re-reading this post from when I was pregnant with Katie and it made me laugh.  I am still myself!  As much as I think "I don't remember it being this busy or uncomfortable with any other pregnancy," it's not true.  This is definitely how it was all the other times.  My to-do list looks nearly identical and even the timing is the same. 

Fortunately, that famous to-do list is pretty short now.  I wrote it a few weeks ago.  There were over 30 items, none of which were small 2 minute projects.  All of which, in my opinion, really can't wait for Elsie's birth.  Here's more or less what it looked like:
-Clean Van
-Clean carseats
-install carseats
-make applesauce
-glean and store onions (*note, we had a friend who was able to glean an onion field for free, so that's where this one came from)
-clean closet and convert into a baby-nursery (yep, that's where Elsie will sleep, in our spacious, heated, quiet master closet)
-clean, set up, and stock changing table
-wash, sort, and prepare baby girl clothes
-finish Christmas gifts for all cousins and siblings
-give everyone haircuts
-wash winter coats and get out all winter wear
-put away freezer meals
-parent-teacher conferences
-set up carpools
-big shopping trip to stock up on post-partum supplies, diapers, quick-fix meals, etc
-pack hospital bag
-arrange substitutes for Primary and write lesson plans for the remainder of the year
-put garden away for the winter
-winterize lawn and house, including cleaning windows, mow, fertilize, blow out sprinklers, change furnace filter, put away AC unit, spray for bugs, clean gutters
-write and submit the Hendricks Herald (semi-annual family letter)
-put up Halloween decorations, get kids' costumes, arrange for Trick-or-Treating, and generally prepare for Halloween
-Do lots of fun things and enjoy every day

Seriously.  That's the list.  It is written in a black spiral notebook that I'm keeping all my planning in right now, since our laptop tragically broke a few weeks ago and the computer I'm posting with is just a little bit harder to access.  Also in this same black notebook is the family schedule I wrote up, detailing who goes where and when, that I can hand off to a babysitter if needed, a list of phone numbers of everyone we need to contact if/when I have the baby, my huge shopping list for my huge shopping trip, the packing list for the hospital bag, and a list of menu ideas that I can make double batches and freeze half of (like enchiladas, meatloaf, chili, etc).  Lastly, there's a bunch of kid's drawings because for some reason, when mommy is writing in a notebook, 3 cute kids want to as well. 

The best thing of all the past few weeks has been every time I get to cross something off the list.  I get this big smile and a great sense of accomplishment.  Today, happily, I crossed off the last 2 really major things--clean the van and install carseats.  There's a couple of things that still aren't crossed off, particularly in the Halloween preparation category and winterization of the house and lawn category, but pretty much everything else is done.  I should make it quite clear, though, that while I usually cross the item off the list, Cody is the one who actually did the work.  I'm so grateful for him and all his help.  Now we're left with the last item: Do lots of fun things and enjoy every day.  OK, self, if you insist. :)

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Granny D Fifield said...

I know of no one else that enjoys Halloween more than you. Have a fun ten days. It is well deserved!