Friday, November 22, 2013

yes, we are still alive. :)

Every now and then, Elsie falls asleep or is being happy on daddy's lap and I think: OK, I can 1) make dinner, 2) clean house, 3) play with the big kids or help Lee with his homework, 4) take a nap, 5) update the blog.  Clearly, the blog typically is the last thing on my priority list, since it hasn't happened in 3 weeks.  I'm sorry, but not too sorry.  I've been spending my time snuggling the baby and enjoying the best post-partum recovery I've ever had.

Elsie is 4 weeks old already, wow!  Her newborn clothes are stretched pretty tight across her belly now, so it's nearly time to put them away.  She's worn each outfit we own about 3 times.  We really should share newborn clothes because they just don't use them very much.  She outgrew her newborn size diapers about the time we ran out of the first box--2 weeks.  She now opens her eyes a lot and is trying to learn how to smile.  Every day she focuses just a bit more and sheds more of her newborn-ness.  Fortunately, she hasn't lost all of her hair yet.  Knock on wood!  She is a super sweet baby and loves to be held.  She's also a very animated sleeper.  She sleeps well, but when she first falls asleep, her eyes roll around a lot and she moves her mouth and breathes rapidly--it reminds me of my dog Max when he used to dream.  I wonder what Elsie is dreaming about?  It's clearly very interesting.

As for me, I'm doing very well.  I keep wanting to volunteer for things and cook and bake and go on walks and hang out with people, but I don't have the time yet since Elsie is still so dependent.  That's ok--I love holding her and I know that it won't be more than a few more months before I can get back to a more normal routine, and, sadly, Elsie won't need or want to be held all the time.  We're trying our best to enjoy every moment.

Thanksgiving is coming up, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is tomorrow, we are having a great time!  Annalisa has been practicing songs for Thanksgiving.

So you see, yes, we're still alive and well.  We even got a sitter for the 3 older kids this week and just took Elsie with us while we went and got Sushi.  How I missed that!  It was delicious and great fun.  We hope you're all doing well also, and if you need more regular up-to-dates, follow me on Facebook. :)


Friday, November 1, 2013

1 week with Elsie

Today Elsie is one week old!  It has been a great week.  Elsie got to meet two sets of her great-grandparents, all of her grandparents, and some aunts and uncles as well.  She spent some quality time in the sunshine, helping to keep her bilirubin down (and it worked marvelously!).

She loves her older siblings already.

 The weather was beautiful this morning so we went out for a walk.  It felt great.  My recovery has been so smooth and easy this time around, and I know it's because of our beautiful house and amazing friends and family.  I haven't made dinner all week, haven't had to clean much beyond starting the dishwasher and taking out trash, and we've had several quiet hours each day while kids were out at school or doing other fun things.  We're so glad to have sweet Elsie home with us and that she's growing healthy and strong.  THIS is the way it is supposed to feel to have a baby--tranquil, joyful, and blissful.  Happy 1 week birthday, little sweet pea!

Halloween 2013

Because of Elsie, this has been a pretty low-key Halloween for us.  We mostly relied on friends and family to make sure the kids had fun, and then Cody worked and I stayed home and watched Doctor Who all evening and snuggled with the baby.  Still, it was a great Halloween and deserves to go in the memory books!

We encouraged the kids to pick simple costumes this year, since we didn't know who would be dressing them up.  Lee was a vampire, Annalisa was a witch, and Katie was a pumpkin.  They were all cute and very spooky.  Lee and Anna got to wear their costumes to school, and of course Katie had to be in the pictures too.  For a while she was wearing her clothes, her new ballerina leotard, and her pumpkin costume... in that order.  It was quite the feat to get everything off in time to go potty. 

After school and homework, it was time to get ready for the Halloween festivities!  Well, not too much homework, just a bit of reading: Lee's primary homework for the day was a "Track your Loot" candy graph.  I thought it was mighty clever--teaching the kids how to graph and sort and some data analysis with their Halloween candy.  So anyway, we asked our next door neighbor kid, who is almost 13, to take the children Trick-or-Treating (note to self--probably should ask an adult next year).  Cody first took them down to our friend's house who was having a soup party, and then left the kids there with some responsible guardians, and he came back to work, bringing me a bowl of soup with him.  The kids then went out Trick-or-Treating.  Lee went with the bigger kids, Anna and Katie went with Katie's best friend Kate.  Kate and Katie are about 5 weeks apart in age and LOVE to fight with each other.  They are amazingly adorable together, though.  Anna got cold after about thirty minutes and came home.  Lee was next to come back, when he realized he didn't have a Trick-or-Treating companion any more (yeah, I'm still having a bit of a heart attack at the fact that a friend of a friend found him alone, but proud of Lee that he told them he was going home and came straight to the house safe and sound).  Katie stayed out the latest, with buddy Kate and Kate's parents. 

When all the kids were home, we took warm baths to warm up, sorted the candy and had a few pieces, and then went to bed only about 20 minutes late.  I finally turned off our porch light about 9:00 PM, since we weren't getting any more Trick-or-Treaters.  This morning, I guesstimate we had about 50 Otter Pops left from our box of 200 that I had set on the front porch with a note saying to take one.  So, that means roughly 150 guests, perhaps more.  It was definitely busy, and I missed saying hi to all the kids, but I'm glad I didn't open the door all those times.  All in all, the kids scored some hefty bags of candy, everyone was safe and had a great time, and we are well.  Happy Halloween!