Friday, November 1, 2013

1 week with Elsie

Today Elsie is one week old!  It has been a great week.  Elsie got to meet two sets of her great-grandparents, all of her grandparents, and some aunts and uncles as well.  She spent some quality time in the sunshine, helping to keep her bilirubin down (and it worked marvelously!).

She loves her older siblings already.

 The weather was beautiful this morning so we went out for a walk.  It felt great.  My recovery has been so smooth and easy this time around, and I know it's because of our beautiful house and amazing friends and family.  I haven't made dinner all week, haven't had to clean much beyond starting the dishwasher and taking out trash, and we've had several quiet hours each day while kids were out at school or doing other fun things.  We're so glad to have sweet Elsie home with us and that she's growing healthy and strong.  THIS is the way it is supposed to feel to have a baby--tranquil, joyful, and blissful.  Happy 1 week birthday, little sweet pea!


Granny D Fifield said...

So much joy and answered prayers. She is so beautiful!!!

Nikki said...

She is so beautiful! I wish I could be there to wash laundry for you or take the kids while you nap.

Nikki said...

I think since you haven't blogged in a few weeks, you should do 5 lunges. ;)

I hope everything is well. Show more pics of the baby!