Friday, November 22, 2013

yes, we are still alive. :)

Every now and then, Elsie falls asleep or is being happy on daddy's lap and I think: OK, I can 1) make dinner, 2) clean house, 3) play with the big kids or help Lee with his homework, 4) take a nap, 5) update the blog.  Clearly, the blog typically is the last thing on my priority list, since it hasn't happened in 3 weeks.  I'm sorry, but not too sorry.  I've been spending my time snuggling the baby and enjoying the best post-partum recovery I've ever had.

Elsie is 4 weeks old already, wow!  Her newborn clothes are stretched pretty tight across her belly now, so it's nearly time to put them away.  She's worn each outfit we own about 3 times.  We really should share newborn clothes because they just don't use them very much.  She outgrew her newborn size diapers about the time we ran out of the first box--2 weeks.  She now opens her eyes a lot and is trying to learn how to smile.  Every day she focuses just a bit more and sheds more of her newborn-ness.  Fortunately, she hasn't lost all of her hair yet.  Knock on wood!  She is a super sweet baby and loves to be held.  She's also a very animated sleeper.  She sleeps well, but when she first falls asleep, her eyes roll around a lot and she moves her mouth and breathes rapidly--it reminds me of my dog Max when he used to dream.  I wonder what Elsie is dreaming about?  It's clearly very interesting.

As for me, I'm doing very well.  I keep wanting to volunteer for things and cook and bake and go on walks and hang out with people, but I don't have the time yet since Elsie is still so dependent.  That's ok--I love holding her and I know that it won't be more than a few more months before I can get back to a more normal routine, and, sadly, Elsie won't need or want to be held all the time.  We're trying our best to enjoy every moment.

Thanksgiving is coming up, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is tomorrow, we are having a great time!  Annalisa has been practicing songs for Thanksgiving.

So you see, yes, we're still alive and well.  We even got a sitter for the 3 older kids this week and just took Elsie with us while we went and got Sushi.  How I missed that!  It was delicious and great fun.  We hope you're all doing well also, and if you need more regular up-to-dates, follow me on Facebook. :)



Laurie Fifield said...

When I read this in the email it generated, there were two videos, but I couldn't watch them from there. I don't see them here.

Granny D Fifield said...

I love the picture of your three beautiful daughters!